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Tempting Fate

17 Jan

Hmmm, well wrote this a week or so ago, when I still had work…..

Most of what you might, or might not, want to know about me is in my bio-information.  Basically I’m boring, I’m tired, and I’m hoping.

I worked this morning cleaning stalls, moving horses, filling tanks, not bad work when the weather is good.  I like weather;  I’ll go out in a blizzard because it is weather, 90degrees F is comfortable, 110 amazing.  Everyday I check the horses, my horses, other peoples horses, training horses, special needs horses.  All of them live in the weather.  It is changeable, it is beyond our control, sometimes beyond our comprehension, it is larger than us.  The horses quietly accept it.  They may not like it, often they look distinctly as though they don’t;  but they have no choice.  They accept the inevitable.

Yesterday it was glorious in Colorado.  Colorado will give you a December 12 inch snowfall, and a January with sun and 60’s–and no one seems surprised.  Yesterday my boots dried out, I hosed the mud off the horses legs, I checked their feet for something I might have missed.  Today the weather is cool, but my boots are dry and the day is easy.

I have tempted fate though, the day isn’t over yet;  I knock on wood.  I love black cats, but don’t cross their path, I don’t ride on my birthday, I hang a horseshoe above my door–holding in my luck, I avoid ladders (not entirely due to superstition), I never change a horses’ name, I knock on wood, I hand out candy, I burn a candle.  Don’t tempt fate.